The Line at the Doctor’s Office Just Got Longer!

As you will see from the article below, acute care hospitals are rethinking their strategies as hospital bed occupancy continues to drop. Changes in medical technology and the need for patient convenience is driving the ability for more procedures to be performed in the doctor’s office. This is good news for us as our medical properties are full of family and primary care physicians and outpatient care providers. Our physician tenants have never been busier!

Ascension, which reported drops in operating income, revenue and total admissions for the first nine months of fiscal 2018, is in the midst of a major restructuring and shift in focus away from hospitals and toward outpatient care and telehealth services.

The health system said the plan for Providence includes looking at non-healthcare-related services that affect patient health. Providers everywhere have increasingly paid more attention to such population health factors and are tackling social determinants of health.

“We know that 15 percent of a person’s life is spent in actual healthcare, which means the remaining 85 percent is spent in other areas that either positively or negatively impact their overall well-being,” Providence Health System CEO​ Keith Vander Kolk said in a statement. “That is where the greatest opportunity to make meaningful change lies, and we must put our focus and energy on advancing a model of transformation that will serve the district in new and lasting ways.”…