Strategic Property Acquisition.


Healthcare continues to be one of the largest economic sectors as Boomers age into peak spending. With 10,000 retiring each day, Boomers are dramatically increasing Medicare & Medicaid costs. This combined with other changes in America’s healthcare policy have created an increased demand for medical services, and a growing market for medical real estate investment.

New Era works to identify investment acquisition opportunities that are strategic for our clients and provide upside potential to the New Era investment portfolio.

Our value proposition is based on our ability to research markets and understand the dynamics within a local market.

By maintaining a portfolio strategy in our investing process it allows us to identify competitive and profitable solutions for various development projects, repositions, acquisitions and tuck-ins that can increase the value for all parties, and achieve higher returns for our investors and partners as a whole.


A team of experienced healthcare investment specialists with decades of combined expertise

An ability to research and understand local market dynamics

Portfolio strategy investment process designed to achieve higher returns